3 ways to differentiate between fake and authentic iPad that not everyone knows

iPad is an intelligent device with a relatively high price point, but it is still widely used by many people. Therefore, to meet the high demand, the appearance of fake iPads is not uncommon. In this article, ShopDunk News will help you distinguish between fake and authentic iPads in ways that not everyone knows.

What is a fake iPad? 

The concept of a fake iPad is widely used, but not everyone knows its true essence. According to technology professionals, a fake iPad is a product that is imported from manufacturing plants in China. Here, workers replace or recycle all used or damaged iPad models to create a usable device.


How are fake and authentic iPads different? 

A large number of fake iPads are imported from network operators or distributors. The price of this device is also divided into many different levels depending on the product model.

For beautiful, original, and unmodified devices, they will be sold at high prices. In contrast, other devices will be repaired and replaced to create a relatively presentable product to sell.

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How to differentiate between fake and genuine iPads? 

Although, at first glance, both fake and genuine iPads look alike due to the sophistication of the fake technology, there are specific characteristics that can help you differentiate between them:

1. Check the box and accessories

To check the device's box, it is easy to distinguish between fake and genuine iPads. Specific information about the device will be displayed on the outside of the product packaging.


Check if the external accessories of the iPad are intact? 

Also, check the accessories that come with the device, such as chargers, headphones, etc. If these accessories have boxes, instruction manuals, and a SIM card tray needle, they are genuine products.

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2. Check the body and the screen

For the genuine iPad, the body has a polished edge and the camera is not scratched. When testing the screen, you should feel how smooth the touch is and check if there are dead pixels. If these features are present, it is a genuine product. Otherwise, it is likely to be a fake, and you should not waste your money on it.

3. Check the IMEI

To know whether an iPad is fake or genuine, you need to pay attention to the warranty period indicated by the IMEI number. IMEI is a combination of letters and numbers located on the back of the iPad that encodes Apple's product information when selling on the market.

Each product will have a different and unique IMEI number. By using the IMEI number, you can check the product's origin, warranty period, design, color, etc.


Check the IMEI number to know the product's origin

Besides checking the IMEI number on the back of the iPad, you can also check it in the Settings section by going to Settings > General > About.

Visit https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ and enter the serial number of your iPad to check whether it is a genuine product. This website, provided by Apple, will provide you with some information, such as the warranty period and whether the iPad has been activated.

These are some ways to differentiate between fake and genuine iPads. If you are still unsure which one to choose, you can contact ShopDunk - an authorized distributor of genuine Apple products - for advice via their hotline number 1900 6626 or visit their website https://shopdunk.com/ or nearest store to experience and evaluate the products before purchasing.

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