3 most interesting features of iOS 16.4 you should never miss

iOS 16.4 has been officially released with a range of exciting utilities such as flicker light monitoring, call noise reduction, iOS Beta update, turning on/off Always on Display, etc. Here are the three most interesting features ShopDunk has compiled.

1. 21 completely new icon designs

Downloading the latest iOS version allows you to update your icons, which has become a trend among iPhone users. In this version, Apple brings 21 interesting icons to users as follows.

These 21 new icon options were first proposed in July 2022 and then released according to the new Unicode standard in September 2022, which is predicted to become a new trend for users.

2. Seizure protection feature

The "Motion" > "Flicker Light" feature automatically dims content with flickering lights. This feature helps to improve the user's vision, especially for those with a neurological history (typical of epilepsy), who might feel less affected by sudden flashing lights.



3. Call noise reduction feature

To activate this feature, pull down the toolbar during a phone call and hold the microphone icon. Then choose among the following 3 options:

"Standard": No change.

"Voice Isolation": Block ambient noise and only keep the user's voice to make the call clearer.

"Wide spectrum": Amplify all ambient sounds, but it does not apply to mobile calls.

The call noise reduction feature was first introduced in iOS 15, but it was only compatible with FaceTime and some third-party apps like Messenger. However, with this latest update, users can use the feature for regular iPhone calls. iPad and MacBook users can also access both features when using FaceTime.

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