iPad Air 4 ESR Ascend Trifold With Magnetic Clasp


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Perfect fit for iPad Air 4

Esr Ipad Air 4 2020 Ascend Trifold With Magnetic Clasp is a product designed by ESR specifically for the iPad Air 4 version 2020, all details are meticulously finished to provide a perfect fit for the device. High-quality materials bring high durability, and lightweight but still ensure protection and aesthetics when using the case.

Stay connected and charge your Apple Pencil 2

As one of the first iPad Air 4 cases to allow users to pair and charge the Apple Pencil 2 thanks to a specially designed right edge. In addition, users absolutely do not need to worry about Apple Pencil falling during travel because the Esr Ipad Air 4 2020 Ascend Trifold With Magnetic Clasp has a part that covers the pen when it is paired with the iPad and fixes them with high-suction magnets. The protective cover has a small cutout that helps users quickly determine whether the Apple Pencil is being inhaled into the device. This is an extremely suitable product for those who are using the iPad + Pencil combo to work.

Protective case cum stand

The handle of the case can be folded to turn the whole case into an iPad stand, perfect for hands-free use when watching movies, chatting with friends, entertaining, or even working. When changing the way the device is placed, it will create two different standing styles, one for viewing / viewing, and the other for easier typing on the screen. In addition, this grip also has magnets inside to create magnetism to help the device recognize when the screen is closed and will automatically switch between sleep and wake modes.

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