We deliver dedicated and genuine Apple-standard services

Our services encompass the most popular Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods

The repair process

Overview inspection

Exterior and warranty condition inspection of the equipment

Reproducing the error

Reproducing the error as described by the customer and documenting it

Diagnosing the condition of the equipment

Receiving information, diagnosing the device using official tools from Apple

Ordering components

Placing an order for genuine components/parts from Apple and performing replacements, including waterproof adhesive and screws, for the device

Updating components

Updating genuine component information into the system and upgrading to the latest operating system

Functionality testing

Testing each function and running diagnostics according to Apple's standards

Sending the device back

Sending the device back along with a service quality survey form via email to the customer

Our commitment

For service exchange
The device will be replaced according to Apple's standards and policies. The manufacturer's warranty period is extended up to 90 days or based on the remaining warranty of your device. The replacement service is applicable for cases of water damage, impact, breakage, accidental damage during usage, or when the hardware warranty has expired within 1 year. The service does not cover devices that are severely broken, heavily damaged, or have undergone unauthorized repairs or interventions through non-official service channels. The replacement cost includes VAT and repair fees.
For replacement parts and batteries
All components are replaced according to Apple's highest standards (including replacing waterproof adhesive and using new genuine screws, along with some parts). The manufacturer's warranty period for replaced parts extends up to 90 days from the replacement date or based on the remaining warranty of your device. SDCare provides official repair services for cases where the device's battery has degraded over time. The replacement cost includes VAT and repair fees.
Security commitment
At ShopDunk Care, we highly value user privacy and data security through stringent security standards and internal controls. ShopDunk Care recommends customers to back up and erase all data on the device before bringing it to the service center..