Dây đeo Sprectrum Strap Apple Watch Itskins Series 40mm

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Spectrum Strap Apple Watch Itskins Series 40mm

Genuine Apple Watch Itskins Spectrum Strap.

Designed for: Apple Watch Series SE / 6 / 5 / 4 40mm

HEXO-TEK™ shockproof technology

Antibacterial technology ANTIMICROBIAL

Sweat-wicking herringbone shape design

Shockproof material High quality rubber water-resistant, break-resistant, durable.

ITSKINS is a brand founded in France in 2011 by Chris and Amelie, who are passionate about extreme sports. They are ambitious to create cases that cater to a large number of global users and the extreme sports market. Itskins had to bring together its own designers, engineers, and its own manufacturing plant equipped with the world's leading advanced manufacturing technologies to be able to handle distinctive, groundbreaking designs on a single material platform. new material.

The ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP strap is also made with ANTIMICROBIAL (IMPACT THANE) technology - ANTI-MIRACLE TECHNOLOGY. With this technology, it can remove up to 99% of bacteria on the case, bringing a greater safety to your health when using ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP products.

The ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP Strap is made of the highest grade Rubber (TPU) material for maximum durability, it can resist long-term wear, sweat, water, scratches and keep ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP is always new. With a delicately spaced herringbone design texture, it helps to release air to the hand, bringing you the most comfortable feeling. This is also the difference of ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP compared to other Apple Watch straps that do not have an air outlet that causes sweat when you wear it for a long time. That's why ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP is more durable than other straps. The Apple Watch SPECTRUM SOLID case is slim, stylish, yet sporty, strong, simple and suitable for both men and women. The most exquisitely designed ITSKINS SPECTRUM STRAP strap details, easy to put on and take off quickly.

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