iPhone 14 Pro Max has dropped in price. The reason why?

The race in the smartphone market continues to become more interesting when there is a significant drop in price in the past week. Why does this highly sought-after flagship model suddenly experience a sudden decrease in price? Let's find out the reason.

Reason for the drop in price of iPhone 14 Pro Max

The current price of iPhone 14 Pro Max is only from VND 27,000,000 at ShopDunk , while previous products like iPhone 13 Pro Max will only reach that price in September, the time when the new iPhone model is launched. Moreover, when you buy at ShopDunk with a discount of VND 500,000 through payment gateways like VNPAY, ZaloPay, and Kredivo, along with an additional discount of VND 200,000 for genuine Apple accessories and warranty services, it causes distributing agents to suffer losses when it reaches consumers' hands.

The main reason that caused the price of iPhone 14 Pro Max to hit rock-bottom is the global supply chain currently increasing compared to the time it was first released . Just three months ago, iPhone 14 Pro Max was still reported to be out of stock at official Apple distributors in Vietnam.

The second reason is that the current product line is in a competitiveness race among Apple supplying agents , even the case of floating and overflowing devices in the market causing price fluctuations. Amid such abnormal fluctuations, users should turn to Apple's official authorized dealers like ShopDunk. ShopDunk offers the latest Apple products at the best prices in the market with a system of over 60 stores nationwide. Moreover, with the ShopDunk Care warranty network whose technicians are trained according to Apple's standards, we promise to bring you the best experience.

Should you buy iPhone 14 Pro Max at the moment?

At the moment , the price of iPhone 14 Pro Max has hit rock-bottom , and this is the most appropriate time for you to own the most comprehensive phone of 2022. If you are waiting for the iPhone 15 Series, you will have to wait until September this year. One thing for sure is that the iPhone 15 Series launch will be out of stock by the end of the year, and you'll have to wait another year to get to the appropriate time to own the iPhone 15 Series.

If you are hesitant about upgrading your old computer, then this April, with ShopDunk's trade-in program, upgrading to a new Apple device for 0 VND will be a worthwhile choice for you to consider. For more detailed advice, you can contact the hotline 1900.6626, visit the website https://shopdunk.com/, or visit the nearest ShopDunk store.

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