Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Plus/13promax


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Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Plus - New breakthrough for user health

JCPal Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Plus is a new breakthrough in 2022 in the accessory industry, especially for tempered glass. It is considered the most worth buying tempered glass because it not only protects your "beloved" iPhone 14 Plus but also takes care of the user's health against blue light.

Protect your eyes

JCPal Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass effectively blocks high-energy light (HEV), protecting your eyes safely, helping you reduce eye strain, dryness, and irritation.

Incredible 9H scratch protection

Preserver premium tempered glass not only provides scratch resistance up to 9H but is also designed with multiple layers to prevent dangerous, sharp glass shards when accidentally broken. It effectively protects against scratches caused by hard objects like sand or keys.

2.5D curved edge

The edges of the glass are designed with rounded curves using leading edge edge processing technology to ensure that the glass is perfectly fitted to the surface of the iPhone 14 Plus so that it is not stuck to other objects, leading to glass peeling or cracking.

Clear display

Experts highly value the ability of tempered glass to transmit light, ensuring that images displayed on your iPhone 14 Plus are still bright and vivid even when used in a brightly lit environment.

Fingerprint resistant

In addition to the scratch-resistant layer, the glass surface is also specially treated by adding a layer that is resistant to fingerprint smudges or oil stains, while also helping to minimize other dirt stains that are easy to remove.

High sensitivity

You will still feel the fastest and most accurate touch response on each position of the iPhone 14 Plus even when adding the tempered glass layer. This is because the JCPal Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Plus uses conductive glass and has an additional electrostatic layer support.

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