Mipow Kingbull iPhone 14 Plus /13 Pro Max Tempered Glass


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Mipow Kingbull iPhone 13 Pro Max/14 Plus Tempered Glass

Up to the present time, MiPow Kingbull tempered glass has a huge number of fans in the international market due to always satisfying customers. However, to give global customers a better and more modern product experience, MiPow has continued to launch a tempered glass version with completely renewed packaging in October 2020. This new version is more luxurious and convenient due to its more compact size but still exudes the class of "King Buffalo Sticks". In particular, the highlight in this version is the Glass Material, which is changed from the American glass material. Therefore, the hardness and shatter resistance of the 3D glued version has been better upgraded.

The ultra-thin Mipow Kingbull Premium 3D tempered glass, which is made of premium quality aluminum silicate glass with multiple levels of protection, ensures the touch screen's sensitivity for accurate response. In addition, it is resistant to fingerprints and oil to keep the screen clean and clear. Most especially, the smooth, glossy, and most beautiful 3D border ever made customers admire it.

Salient features:

Real 3D makes the border beautiful, and accurate to every millimeter for good iPhone screen protection. You can test this by swiping a light on the edge to feel the smoothness without being pinched like other tempered glass. Use Mipow Kingbull 3D Premium glass in combination with shock-resistant hard shells that do not open or push the glass, except for some cases with too high shock-absorbing edges.

Excellent gloss and transparency create the most aesthetic feeling when glued to the iPhone.

Protect your iPhone from scratches, bumps, and physical wear and tear.

Mipow Kingbull Premium 3D Tempered Glass is designed to protect your Apple iPhone while maintaining full functionality.

Has an anti-fingerprint surface, and optimal staining.

Super hard strength up to 9H, 3 times more standard than other normal full sticks.

The slim design brings a real feeling when viewing the screen.

The glasses are explosion-proof, anti-UV and protect the eyes.

Complete sensor.

Using imported American OCA glue, which is a dry glue, perfect adhesion like a magnetic force, no dust, and easy removal. In addition, OCA is the glue that makes the screen brighter and extremely UV resistant.

Packaging includes:

iPhone Kingbull 3D Premium Tempered Glass

Wet wipes

Dry cloth

Set of sticks to remove dirt.

Note: Mipow tempered glass is made of 100% plastic-free glass to ensure transparency. The material is glass, so it can be broken easily in the event of a collision or hitting sharp objects. However, if you eat heart, the product will protect the real iPhone screen in the best way.

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