Wishing to bring the best service to customers, ShopDunk cooperated with Viettel Post to deploy COD service
nationwide. No matter where you are in the country, you still can buy at ShopDunk – Apple Authorized Reseller.

A. Who is COD suitable for?

  • Applicable to customers in 63 provinces and cities.
  • Applicable to customers who do not come to buy directly at branch stores.
  • Applicable to customers who pay directly for all products at ShopDunk.

B. 4 quick steps to purchase by COD

    • Step 1: Customer make an order 
      After choosing a satisfactory product, the customer leaves his specific information, our consultant asks for customer information (accurate confirmation):
      1. Full name
      2. Customer's phone number
      3. Delivery address: Detailed and accurate
      In case of not able to receive directly, customers need to provide full information of the orderer and recipient:
      1. Full name of the order & recipient
      2. Phone numbers of the orderer & recipient
      3. Delivery address: Detailed and accurate
      Free delivery for orders from 1 million VND (not applicable for normal accessories)
Customers pay the shipping fee or contact the switchboard if you have any questions about the shipping fee
  • Step 2: Customers deposit and confirm with the consultant
  • Ordering Terms:

With high-value products, ShopDunk always ships with insurance for the value of the goods. Customers deposit money to be assured of the best shipping quality. The policy of deposit value is specified as follows:

Product ValuePile Value 
<10.000.000đfrom 500.000đ or more
10.000.000đ – 20.000.000đfrom 2.000.000đ or more
20.000.000đ – 25.000.000đ50% order value
> 25.000.000đ> 25.000.000đ

Company account information:

* Customers please transfer money to the following company account. Then take a screenshot of the successful transfer and contact ShopDunk to confirm.
  We are not responsible if you transfer to any personal account.

Customers transfer money with purport: COD + Customer name + Product name
  • Step 3: Customers transfer money with purport: COD + Customer name + Product name
    1. Full name 
    2. Customer's phone number
    3. Delivery address
    4. Full detailed product name with listed price (discount if any)
    5. Promotional gifts (if any)
    6. Total order value, deposit amount, remaining payment amount
  • Customers will receive order information before the package is sent by ShopDunk:
    1. Image of imei/serial parameters, capacity parameters and colors  on the box
    2. Photo of front, back, Fullbox of product
    3. Sales invoice photo
    4. VAT invoice file (customers store for machine warranty at Apple)
    5. Photo of package with red tape having ShopDunk logo
    6. Bill of lading code
      After confirming the order, please wait for the delivery time from 3 to 5 days (excluding Sundays and holidays))
  • Step 4: Customers check when receiving goods
    1. Red tape having ShopDunk logo shows no signs of being cut
    2. Sales invoice with correct information
    3. VAT invoice with registered information
    4. Intact seal on the box and the machine shows no signs of being cut
    5. The imei/serial parameters, color, and capacity on the box are correct with the ordered goods
    6. Accompanying gifts (if any)

Then when the remaining amount is paid, the customer can use it.

To ensure the interests of customers, ShopDunk encourages customers to record and save videos of unsealing and activating the machine.

If you need support, please contact: Consultant Phuong Thao – 0911.939.888 – 1900.6626