Delivery (ZaloPay)

Shipping policy paid via ZaloPay

Wishing to bring the best service to customers, ShopDunk cooperated with
ZaloPay to deploy COD shipping service nationwide.

Who are COD orders paid via ZaloPay suitable for?

  • Applicable to customers in 63 provinces and cities.
  • Applicable to customers who do not come to buy directly at branch stores.
  • Applicable to customers who pay directly for all products at ShopDunk.

Quick steps to purchase with payment via ZaloPay:

Step 1: Customer make an order.

After choosing a satisfactory product, the customer leaves his specific information, the consultant asks for customer information (accurate confirmation)

  • Full name
  • Customer's phone number
  • Delivery address: Detailed and accurate


In case of not able to receive directly, customers need to provide full information of the orderer and recipient:

  1. Full name of the orderer & recipient
  2. Phone number of the orderer & recipient
  3. Delivery address: Detailed and accurate

Free delivery for orders from 1 million VND (not applicable for normal accessories)

Step 2: Customers pay via ZaloPay

All ShopDunk products are paid 100%  of the order value via ZaloPay. Goods sent always come with a VAT invoice.

Payment method:

  1. Choose payment method via ZaloPay
  2. Press the payment button
  3. Scan QR Code or open ZaloPay app to pay

To ensure the interests of customers, ShopDunk encourages customers to record and save videos of unsealing and activating the device

If you need support, please contact: – 1900.6626