Cancel the transaction

Transaction cancellation and Refund Policy

The policy is applied to the whole retail system and transactions via the website:

A. Purpose

In order to provide a suitable solution for transactions at the system to ensure transactions at stores serve customers conveniently. 

1. Target

  • Ensure a clear and transparent payment process
  • Ensure transaction cancellations and refunds according to the company’s policies and procedures.

2. Scope of application

  • This policy is applied to the whole retail system including in-store transactions and transactions paid through the website:

3. Responsibility 

  • The Chief Finance Office is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and updating if there are any changes in this policy or process.

B. Policy

1. General Policy

  1. All transaction cancellations and refunds must be approved by the CFO/Chief Accountant/Manager. Time of transaction cancellation and refund is calculated from the request from the Customer
  2. The store manager receives the customer's request and sends it to the accounting department for finding a solution
  3. Manage to cancel transactions on Pos, swipe card and print Bill to cancel transactions, then ask customers to sign and confirm information
  4. After 30-60 minutes of cancellation, the bank will return the money to the customer's account with domestic cards, 3-5 working days for credit cards.

2. Criteria for Transaction cancellations and Refunds

  1. Customer paid wrong order amount
  2. The customer wants to return the goods for a refund
  3. Customers do not want to take the product
  4. Customers want to cancel order

C. Method

1.  Refund method

  1. Cash
  2. Transfer

2. Time of refund for return transaction:

  1. Cashback method: Refund directly when the customer is at the store
  2. Bank transfer refund method: Within 24 hours when the company receives information from the store

3. Refund time to cancel transaction

  • Canceled transactions due to wrong payment or system error, the Company needs 3-5 days to work with the bank to check the error payment amount to address for the customer

D. Contact 

If you have any questions, please contact us via:

  • Hotline: 1900.6626
  • Email: